San Antonio's Only Pakistani Food Truck
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Craft Beer + Food Trucks = PERFECT COMBO!

If you’ve only been following Rickshaw Stop for a short period of time, you may not realize that we like to bring our truck to a lot of events supporting local craft breweries. For example, you will find our truck this Saturday (March 8) at Ranger Creek Brewing & Distilling for their 1st Quarter Open House << RSVP HERE >> Next Saturday (March 15) we will be posted up with our good friends at Branchline Brewing Co. for their open house.

Pakistani Badassness

Rickshaw Stop visits Branchline Brewing

No matter how you spin it, food trucks & craft breweries compliment each other perfectly. Whether the brewery asks the food truck to incorporate their beer into a menu item or if the menu items are simply being paired with different varieties of beer: it all works!


Chong’s Korean & Rickshaw Stop at Ranger Creek 3-yr Anniversary

We haven’t even mentioned how the culture you find at breweries matches perfectly with the food truck world. We are like a giant network–NO–a giant family that support each other in a fascinating symbiotic relationship.

San Antonio Beer Week is coming up May 10-18th and you will be pleased to find a significant amount of events that will be including local San Antonio food trucks. Be sure to follow on Facebook and/or Twitter to stay up to date on when everything will be happening.



    We Serve 100% Halal Traditional Pakistani Street Food including: Beef Bihari Kebabs, Chicken Boti Tikka Kebabs,
    Beef Samosas, Chicken Samosas, Veggie Samosas & our scrumptious Baklava & Kheer!