About Us

Who are we?

Family-owned and operated, Rickshaw Stop is run by Sameer & Meagan Siddiqui, along with Sameer’s mom (Gety), his Aunt (Bina) and his Uncle (Shabbir.) Each recipe we use has been created and approved by the entire Siddiqui/Khan family.

What type of food do we serve?

Our 2 main items are Pakistani kebabs and samosas. We’re fairly certain you’ve never eaten anything like the kebabs you will order from our truck, unless you are friends with a Pakistani family or you’ve spent extensive time in Pakistan.

What makes Rickshaw Stop different?

Paying close attention to detail is what makes our flavors unique from anything you have ever tasted. For example, we marinate both the beef and chicken we use for our kebabs for at least 48 hours to ensure all of the Pakistani flavors are distributed throughout the meat – no exceptions. If we do not marinate it for this period of time, the flavor is completely different.